Corporate Identity Design

Your corporate identity is your colors, logo and style that represent your company in all environments. When you create a corporate identity in styles and colors suitable for your industry, your company becomes more memorable in digital environment. Many elements, from a small business card you will give at meetings to the product catalog you will give, from your email signature you use in e-mails to the colors you will use on your website, are actually part of your corporate identity.

If you want to be permanent in your customers' memory, your corporate identity should be complemented. In other words, a customer who enters your website from a small business card that you give your customer should not feel himself in a different place and should know that a company belonging to that business card.

Corporate identity items are generally formed according to needs. After creating a logo design in the color and style we want, our primary work will be the business card. Business cards you give at meetings will be a plus point for you. Mail signatures are also arranged in accordance with corporate identity. The signatures you will use in your e-mails should not be far away from your corporate style.

The profile pictures and cover images that you will use in your social media accounts are re-created according to your corporate identity. The reflection of your company from real environment to digital environment is designed as a whole with your corporate identity. In case of need, additional studies can be carried out on corporate identity elements.

Please get detailed information about corporate website studies that will be an integral part of your corporate identity work.

You can contact us for more detailed information about our Corporate Identity Design and Management solutions.

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