E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing / mailing is one of the most effective methods preferred because it provides one-to-one access to individuals, considering that the use of e-mail in all corporate communications and correspondence, even smartphones are based on e-mail.

Although e-mail marketing / mailing method is used to find new customers, it is also an effective method for promoting new products and campaigns to existing customers or other products (cross and vertical sales method) that you already have.


It should be considered in the e-mail marketing method;

  • E-newsletter that will be sent should be prepared professionally,
  • Selection of images that will be used,
  • Preparation of title, text and content,
  • Successful mailing list

After sending an e-mail prepared by paying attention to the above rules;

  • E-mails reach users inbox without any problem and without sending into the spam folder,
  • Tracking and reporting of the mails received,
  • Planning a new strategy based on the mails received,
  • It should be ensured that all these transactions are routinely accessed by approved cross-lists and marketing mailing lists.

All these transactions required for e-mail marketing will be carried out professionally by BUSITCO, and a detailed report and information will be prepared and delivered to you at the end of work.

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