Mobile Responsive Web Design

With smartphones and tablets come into our lives, mobile devices have taken over the vast majority of website navigation. People now perform most of their internet surfing on smart phones and tablets instead of laptop and desktop devices. In this case, the website prepared for your company must be mobile responsive and keep up with the technologies of the age.


As BUSITCO, we pay attention to mobile responsiveness in all of our web design and software works. With the responsive design, your website is displayed differently on desktop devices and on small devices compatible with small screens. Thus, by keeping the user experience as a priority, you can ensure that the users browsing your site can easily access the information they are looking for.

Search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing etc.) now care about their mobile responsiveness in their pages. It improves users' experience by making mobile responsive sites a priority for people searching on any mobile device. Mobile responsive websites are indispensable for search engine optimization. The better you keep the user experience, the better the search engines will give top rankings to your website in searches.

As BUSITCO, we use optimized images and content on all websites we prepare. Another feature that affects the user experience is the page speed. The speed of loading optimized images and content is faster than others. In this way, your users do not have to wait and get bored while browsing your page. Page speed is also an important criterion for search engine optimization.

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