Social Media Management and Ads

Social media is considered an important area that only using all social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter very actively is enough and the rest cannot be left to chance.

Social media platforms, which have become a powerful resource as the most important communication channel today, add value to your brand as a unique marketing and communication tool when managed correctly.

For example, after the complaint is reported to the related business with mention in social media,  fast and satisfactory information is provided by the power of social media. Social media is now an alternative power and it will strengthen your company when used effectively, and it will weaken your company with wrong strategies.

In Social Media;

  • We provide adopting corporate identity and ensure brand awareness,
  • We reveal the differences, identify your strengths and weaknesses, evaluate threats and opportunities by market analysis,
  • We create a crisis / action plan after the analyzes,
  • We determine the right messages according to the social media platforms,
  • We increase followers, likes, RT, comments and shares in social media,
  • We ensure that the shares in social media are prepared according to the desired date together with the previously planned designs,
  • According to the current market, we create special competitions and campaigns for the target audience and provide an interaction,
  • When the project ends, we carry out a measurement and evaluation study to determine whether the targets set have been reached.

And in all these processes, we support social media with advertisements.

Social Media Ads

In addition to Social Media management, on the main Social Media Platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter;

  • We determine the social media platform suits the best for the target audience,
  • By choosing our target audience, we determine the appropriate age, gender, province, district, region and interests,
  • We produce effective advertising campaigns (preparing advertising content, determining the language of advertising, social media platforms to be used, materials to be used) specific to the target audience.

And we plan your advertising budget in the most appropriate way to be more accessible and reliable in social media ads. Now, social media becomes a new power for your company and a new area created for your competitors to compete with.

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