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We know more is needed than corporate websites for innovative company owners who like to go beyond the standards. For them, we are developing customized e-commerce projects or web software with the infrastructure to support your new initiatives.

You can increase your sales and employee performance with customer relationship management CRM software that will facilitate the work of call center employees.  Through CRM, you can make switchboard calls, send sms, and send your campaign mails or bids as templates.

CRM saves you and your employees from the workload, allowing you to do a lot of things in automation and you can track the missed calls in your call center, you can also track which employee sends how much call, sms or mail from the report screen. By separating your customers according to their status, you can easily focus on your potential customers.

We love to exchange ideas, if you have a web project that you plan to realize, you can contact us. We can evaluate how soon we can realize the project with costs. We make it easier for both sides to work and pay for software projects that require more effort and time than corporate websites.

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